Galaxy Phones | Does cell phone radiation cause erectile dysfunction?
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Does cell phone radiation cause erectile dysfunction?

Does cell phone radiation cause erectile dysfunction?

Has someone ever approached you in a matter of confidentiality and told you the struggles they were facing erectile dysfunction as a man? This could have been weird for you, but you must genuinely understand that it was both weird and embarrassing for them to open up to you about the pain they are going through. Erectile dysfunction is common in men and once a man has this illness, he is automatically unable to have sexual intercourse with anyone even if they had the urge to. The most surprising thing is that when the urge comes, it usually comes with a lot of pain, so it is better not to even walk down that road if you do not want to spend the day groaning and biting down on your lower lip. Some specific drugs have been known in history for curing erectile dysfunction completely.

These drugs are very common for the correction of erectile dysfunction in men, and though so many people find it very hard to request for these drugs physically over the counter, they have another choice, which is purchasing these drugs online as fast as possible. There are some stores online that boldly write “Buy Cialis Online” and this comes very cheaply. There is another not-so-popular drug known as Kamagra which is also very useful against erectile dysfunction. This seems to feel like men who have erectile dysfunction are very lucky as they have so many choices to choose from when they want to. Having talked about the kind of drugs that can help combat erectile dysfunction, it is imperative we talk about one major way by which a man can come in contact with erectile dysfunction.


This is popularly known as the transmission of energy through electromagnetic force or waves which are known to move in little particles when there is a supply of high energy and this causes ionization.
If radiation has such an effect, this means that it is very harmful to the body and can cause a lot of harm when it comes in contact with the bare skin. Researchers believe that the radiation from cell phones has contributed largely to the enormous amount of erectile dysfunction in many men today. This is a possibility because so many men put on pants with two front pockets, and it is unheard of for a man who is leaving his home to leave his cell phone at home all alone. He would definitely take it along and place in his front pocket and not the back pocket just in case he sits down suddenly, the screen of his cell phone would not be broken.
Radiation comes about from cell phones ringing, and even when the phone is overheating, radiation is let out. When the cell phone is placed in the front pocket, directly close to the male reproductive organs, then a problem can arise. Too much of this radiation particle going into the private part of the man can help to weaken the blood vessels in the private part area, and make it more susceptible to the radiation particles which will now in turn into an illness called “Erectile Dysfunction”

This radiation from a cell phone which constitutes erectile dysfunction can be brought to a minimum or stopped entirely by desisting from putting your phone in your front pocket, but rather in a purse or bag.

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