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Cell phone in pocket & male infertility: effects on sperm

When a man is infertile, it simply means that he does not have the means to make children, no matter how much he tries to. There are a lot of men in the world today, living with such humiliation, and so many of them are fathering children that they are not even responsible for, which means that their wives have gone outside to help her husband have a child. This had brought about sadness and even thoughts of suicide in so many men today, and people believed that low sperm count was in fact hereditary. The problem here is that everything used to be fine for so many people, till one day, they stopped being able to bear children, and until now, they cannot find that reason. Some have even given up on bearing their own children, they now make use of an adoption system to get a child that is a week old and almost looks like them. All these are the pains that so many men are facing today because of something that could have been easily avoided. The topic here is the knowledge of cell phone and how it brings so many issues into the lives of many men who do not even know.

The smartphone age that we are in allows us to acquire gadgets the way we like and even the way we want them at different points in time, but no one has really stopped to find out if these gadgets are safe to carry about in specific parts of our bodies. There are a very wide gap and non-intimacy between the private parts of men and a cell phone. This article would strive to give a basic insight into that knowledge and help readers to understand the facts that would be spoken of here.


The real answer to this question that so many people do not want to hear is YES! Cell Phone Radiation has and will continue to cause infertility in men if care is not properly taken. Some people want to be active sexually for as long as they are on earth, and suddenly they find themselves losing that at a very early age, this would no doubt bring a lot of disappointment and for some people resentment, but just so you know, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, whether it is a dim or bright light. “Cenforce 100” is one good solution to infertility in men and even weak or erectile dysfunction. The drug is known worldwide and can be very well purchased online at a very cheap rate. Another lovely drug that would help anyone live the life that he or she wants to live is known as Cialis, and if you are not nearly satisfied with these products, then you can very well go for Kamagra, which is a top drug in the correction and permanent cure of erectile dysfunction. Instead of standing in a store, looking embarrassed about what you are about to buy it would be best if you “Buy Kamagra online” or “Buy Cialis Online”.

It is best to stop keeping your phone very close to your private parts as a man, so it does not contribute to your permanent infertility.